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Service the brake system properly!

High temperature MC-1600 grease is used for service of cars’ brake systems.

How does it work?

The grease provides better mobility of caliper parts, thereby increasing lifetime of brake pads.

  • 1
    Suitable for all parts of car caliper.
  • 2
    Doesn’t wash out by road chemicals.
  • 3
    Operates at temperature from -50 ºC to +1000 ºC.
  • 4
    Does not interact with rubber sleeves.
Universal high temperature MC-1600 grease is used for service of cars’ brake systems.

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The use of caliper grease prevents problems with the brakes of the car and will extend the life of brake pads.

From -50 to 1000°С

Calculation of car braking distance

Theory of safe braking

Indications for use

  • Test for
    frost resistance.

  • МС 1600 - kills
    squeal of brakes Subaru Forester.

  • Application Instructions lubrication
    details on the caliper.

Instructions for use

It is necessary to clean the caliper parts before use!

The grease is suitable for slide pins, brake pistons, back and end sides of brake pads.

When applying a thin layer on the brake pads’ back side the grease effectively eliminates creaking.

Due to the MC-1600 high adhesion it is not washed out by road chemicals and retains plasticity during brake pads lifetime.

Brake piston movability makes the brakes more responsive.

Just 5 g of grease is sufficient for treatment of one car!

Shekma applying universal lubricant for slides

Red color allocates the items that need to be lubricated.

  1. 1. Non-working (back) side of brake pads.
  2. 2. Slide pins
  3. 3. Brake Piston

Consumption of the grease on every caliper detail..

If you have a car, you must know

Difficult road conditions for caliper

Brake caliper requires special care during the entire car operation period as it is exposed to various influences: dirt, high and low temperatures, road chemicals.

Essentially, the caliper system is a delicate structure. Caliper must smoothly and without seizing move along the slide pin, and rubber sleeves have to protect it from dust and moisture. But eventually the system is disturbed.

What happens to careless car owners

Forgetting to service the brakes, you leave brake caliper alone with his bitter enemies.

When rubber sleeves give up, dirt and water get under them, and the process of oxidation starts on the moving parts. Brake pads start to shim, uneven wear appears, and squealing when braking is possible, piston turns sour: farewell to the uniform braking.

Careful driver changes brake pads rarely

If you care about your car, you should regularly lubricate the slide pins, back side of the brake pads and the brake piston.

The brake grease cares for rubber sleeves, without changing their dimensions or loss of elasticity.

The grease withstands critical temperatures even if with active driving. It also reduces friction between the slide pin and the movable part of the caliper if applied regularly. This allows the brake pad to be faster pressed to the brake disk (better braking), as well as to come away from it. Unnecessary contact phase decreases when the brake pedal is released – brake pads will serve longer!

If car piston is lubricated, it makes the brakes more responsive and prevents shimming of slide pins.

Negligence in the care of brakes

One should not forget to carry out prevention using MC-1600 grease. It is suitable for all parts of the caliper and does not affect rubber sleeves. In no case you must not use plain mineral-oil based lithium greases. It can only do harm: you just have to heat such grease higher than 60 ºC as it flows out and probably gets on the brake disc!

Greases with operating temperature up to 200 ºC dry up or are washed out in a couple of months. A loss of mobility of the slide pins leads to increased wear of the brake pads.

Rubber sleeve increased in 3 times and has lost leakproofness after graphite grease was used. Copper-containing aerosols usage gives similar effect.

Any car is worth to be served in time and with quality greases. Do not forget this!

How brake greases burn.

Brake greases often don’t withstand claimed temperatures.

In order to test them we use a simple method – we heat them in an oven.

Test greases in the furnace. The German manufacturer of lights!

The figure shows how grease made by fomous German manufacturer ignites at 350 ºC.

The heating temperature of the brakes may reach 500 ºC or more, depending on braking intensity.

In the case of МС-1600 stable up to 1000 ºC powder remains after burning of the liquid phase. It will play the role of the separating lubricant and provide brake pad mobility, preventing its form "sticking". This is similar to talc, which is used by weightlifters. When liquid phase burns out from some other lubricants, a kind of the plasticine is formed, this is certainly not acceptable for brake pads.

High-temperature test of
brake greases.

Difference in braking distance

The grease provides better movability of caliper’s parts, thereby braking distance of a car decreases.

MС-1600 grease reduces the braking distance in the "Gearbox" TV program.
Cyril Tsivinyuk about the grease that reduces the braking distance. .

Calculate the braking distance »


Impact on rubber sleeves

It is important that the grease does not affect rubber sleeves and dustcoats. For clarity, we have conducted a comparative test for greases from several manufacturers.

American grease for calipers, anthers increased in size

American analogue

German grease for calipers, anthers increased in size

German analogue

МС-1600 grease lubrication for slides, does not affect the anthers

MC-1600 from St. Petersburg

It can be clearly seen how lubricated by American and German greases dustcoats, have increased in size. MC-1600 grease has had no effect at all.

It is used in technical centers.

Recommendations in the "Autobild" magazine

Škoda Superb test, published in the “Autobild” magazine in May 2014, has shown the improvement of many car parameters except the braking distance.

Braking distance increased by 7% despite the fact that car has been serviced at the official workshop by best German materials. That is why you should pay attention to the universal MC-1600 brake grease.

Journal Autobild, skoda suberb, increase braking distance on 7%


Alexander Davydov, Tech. center VBP

«After the start of the MC-1600 grease application in our technical center, return on warranty service by the customers decreased twice»

Using the MC-1600, we have got:

  • Reduced warranty return
  • More customers upon recommendations
  • Reducing the cost of grease up to 15%
  • Ease of use the one universal lubricant instead of three special

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